Give your faculty and students a “Want to” experience
not a “Have to” and see the difference

LMS's have focused heavily on managing classrooms rather than making learning more engaging for faculty and students. Campusknot provides an innovative experience to students, faculty, and administrators rather than 10,000 clicks, training sessions, high fees, and clunky experiences. We provide administrations with a sustainable model catered to future generations.

There is a reason why Generation Y and Z use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. It is because they WANT TO use it instead of HAVE TO.

We solve engagement, and management takes care of itself!

See what our Educators are saying

"Engagement has everything to do with a student having an active role in the learning environment and nothing to do with just being the product of it.”


Access anytime, anywhere.
As Powerful as the website


We bring face-to-face interaction to an online environment

  • The social aspect of Campusknot makes it easy to use. Simplicity is in our DNA!
  • Security and performance guaranteed. We are hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Learning curve next to 0
  • We have implemented positive aspects of popular social media platforms to create familiarity within our platform, which means no training is required.
  • Outcome Metrics and Accreditation
  • Implementation time (1 day - 1 month), you decide!
  • Supports and enhances distance learning programs with Zoom Web Conferencing
  • No worries, we have not forgotten about you educators out there! Create your own groups for research and departmental collaboration

We solve Budget constraints Innovative technologies should not cost an arm and a leg

1 No hidden fees — what you see is what you get
2 No maintenance, training, upgrade, storage, hosting, customization, and support fees
3 Lifetime free upgrades via cloud

“Learning Management Systems (LMS) tend to be very instructor-focused. There is nothing wrong with that, but students will not use these platforms unless they have to — much less enjoy them."

What are the old questions your LMS answered?

  • Will it get used?
  • Will it save time?
  • Will it be an all-in-one teaching platform?

What are the new questions your LMS should answer?

  • Our platform is completely Cloud-Based, hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • No hidden “customer service fees".
  • No “maintenance fees” for the nearly 50% of your LMS that goes unused anyway.
  • No customization fees. We don’t play by the 80/20 rule-where you use 20% of your LMS and the rest of the 80% gets in the way.
  • Campusknot is an advocate and provider of active, social, and community learning solutions on the devices that students are already on.
  • We accomplish relatability through our social approach in which everything in Campusknot is centered around a group and its members, similar to social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • “A recent study made by Teacher Magazine showed that 74% of students attending universities are using cellphones to help with learning."
  • In a survey of 150 students when asked if “Campusknot helped them retain the course material,” 90% answered yes.
  • Implementation time will be between 1 day to 1 month. You decide!
  • No IT Department needed.

Will it ensure higher engagement numbers?

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