CampusKnot is committed to ensuring a safe, seamless, and interruption-free experience for it's users. This is only made possible by designing and implementing a robust security program that is commensurate with our commitment towards securing and protecting user data from unauthorized access.

Security Snapshot

CampusKnot's security program conforms to the standards and guidelines established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This approach ensures multi-layer security, at every point. Processes and controls are implemented along the entire system development life cycle and into the user experience to ensure continuity, security, and confidentiality.

What you need to know

Campusknot Inc. hosts its applications and data on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud infrastructure. AWS adheres to rigorous security and reliability standards and this information is available in the form of their security whitepapers.

Aside from AWS' own security measures, CampusKnot ensures that:

Industry standard

All employees are educated and trained on industry best practices


Every third-party tool is vetted to meet CampusKnot's security standards

Carefully controlled

Access to data is prioritized on a need-to-know basis


Security measures are continuously reviewed by an independent third-party assessor

Disaster proof

Plans and procedures are implemented and continuously updated in the unlikely event of an incident

About the user

Users can expect us to uphold the values of trust and transparency

For a more detailed overview of CampusKnot's security practices, you can access our security document here. To better understand your rights as a user, you can take a look at our privacy policy here and terms of use here.