Spark ✨ meaningful participation with ease

Spark ✨ meaningful participation with ease

Teaching involves human connections and interactions. This is why we created CampusKnot, a participation tool that gives students a sense of community.

Let your students take an active role in their learning with our smart feed, interactive polls, participation posts, and much more.

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A better way to build community in class

Unlike email and chat, communication in CampusKnot is easy to follow and less time consuming to find. Here is why our community continues to grow:

  • You can simplify and consolidate communication and discussions with students
  • Professors use CampusKnot to enhance classroom participation to complement their LMS
  • Students can develop a sense of community in the classroom
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Provide high-quality, personalized help at any scale by recording lectures, creating office hours, and even connecting other apps you are already using.

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Design your course the way you want to

Create, design, and organize courses that spark participation with your own personal touch. Simplicity and flexibility guaranteed.

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Student participation starts here

I use CampusKnot to manage my general chemistry labs with approximately 1,500 students during a semester. CampusKnot enables me to communicate with all on a platform they are more likely to read and engage with.

Teresa Brown, Chemistry Professor

One of the largest obstacles I find in online learning is the peer-to-peer interaction, and CampusKnot is helping with getting students sharing their work to each other with feedback.

David Holt, Geography Professor
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