Connect, collaborate, and share with students, faculty, and administrators under a centralized platform

Engagement happens in Group feeds where anonymous Q&A, attendance tracking, live polling, conferencing, and much more takes place. Facilitating classroom and campus interaction.

Create a Course Group

and start engaging with your students

"Using electronic means to track student activity is a huge time saver”

Foolproof Attendance

Allows you to take attendance multiple times

"It saves time because I no longer have to keep a physical record of attendance. It's all electronic.”

Create Polls

And promote active learning in your classroom

"The polls helped me stay focused and taking attendance at the end is more than fair for those of us who stayed.”

Share Documents

on the Go and track engagement numbers

"Campusknot helps us share our documents without printing and creates an instant connection with our participants."

Interactive Planner

Notify your group members of events, reminders, and important dates

“Keeping up with course work, group meetings, and campus events has never been so easy. I had access to all of my events in just one click”

Our automated Gradebook, Assignments, and Quizzes

Take online quizzes to grade performance and track retention of information. Our automated gradebook syncs all grades automatically and saves time for educators

" The push notifications also make it easy to check what’s happening with my classes from my phone, so I don’t have to carry my laptop everywhere.”
- Student

Test your student’s knowledge and understanding of course material with Assignments

Give instant feedback and search for plagiarism with our Unicheck integration

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