A better way to build community in class

CampusKnot is a classroom tool designed to increase student participation. Participation is about your students taking an active role in their learning while developing agency to build a deeper understanding of class content.

Give your classroom the "Hands raised" mentality 🖐 where students can:

  • Start lively discussions, encourage classmates and give kudos inside the content feed.
  • Give feedback on class content with quick polls and pop-quizzes.
  • Gain rewards based on participation and class attendance.
How it works

Learning shouldn't be limited to the classroom setting

CampusKnot was built to support different teaching and learning modalities. We know true active learning can take place anywhere -because we do it every day- and we vouch to never limit it.

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Our solutions

Complement your LMS

You have built a classroom with your LMS. Now it's time to build a community. Add a dedicated participation component to your LMS.

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Build community

Building rapport is an essential component of any class. Allowing students to form relationships with other peers leads to higher retention and a better course experience.

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Consolidate class tools

Chances are you are spending time creating and adapting course content while keeping up with multiple learning tools, email clutter, and life itself.

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