Participation is the future of the classroom

We know that participation is only made possible through student involvement. This is why our platform makes it easy for students to get involved. Our features are designed to drive feedback, discussion, and interaction inside a class setting.


of students agreed that CampusKnot helped them participate in class.


of students admitted that CampusKnot activities motivated them to attend class.

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There's a tool for every type of educator

Community cravers

Invite your students to interact, collaborate, and connect in a way that modern students relate to.

  • Feeds: Encourage and reward students for participating organically. Inside the feed students can post questions, ask questions anonymously, and start discussions with peers.
  • Polls: Community building needs to be natural. Inside polls, students can give feedback on class content right away. Polls allow you to understand what’s working and what’s not for your course.
  • Planner: Inside CampusKnot you can create events, schedule your office hours for the semester, and meet up with students online or face-to-face.
  • Profiles: Let students brag about themselves. Inside profiles students and professors alike can share fields of study, research projects, and organizations they are a part of.
Community Cravers
Feedback lovers

Designed to give you a full view of how students are performing and retaining course material, interactions, and conversations.

  • Feeds: Inside the feed, students can start discussions, tag others, ask anonymous questions, and give kudos to those who are posting or clarifying questions.
  • Polls & Pop-quizzes: Engaging your students via polls and quizzes allows the closest learners and the most participative students to be equally heard.
  • Attendance: Our foolproof attendance makes it almost impossible for those at home to be marked as present. Attendance inside CampusKnot can be linked to course content, allowing you to reward only students who are present in class.
  • Points: The simplest way to keep up with the participation health 🩺 of the class. You can track top performers and those students who might need a bit more assistance.
Feedback lovers
Content creators

Great for educators who like creating and sharing interesting content with their students.

  • Feed: There's no limit to the type of content you can share. Images, videos, links, equations, formatted text— our feed does it all.
  • Polls & Pop-quizzes: Engaging your students via polls and quizzes allows the closest learners and the most participative students to be equally heard.
  • Planner + reminders: Students might forget about office hours, study sessions, etc. , but with our reminder feature, you can relax while we take care of the reminding portion for you—no need to send emails or announcements.
  • Documents: Need a storage solution on the go? You can host your content here while it waits to be shared and celebrated.
Content creators

Built for...

Created to support different teaching and learning modalities, CampusKnot is flexible. We know true active learning can take place anywhere -because we do it every day- and we vouch to never limit it.


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