Cisco Webex Integration

CampusKnot’s Cisco Webex Meetings Integration allows Faculty to schedule meetings using Webex Meetings for their course groups. With our integration you can:

  • Connect your Webex Meetings account to CampusKnot
  • Schedule meetings and share the Webex Meetings link with invitees
  • Access cloud recordings within CampusKnot


Access to a Cisco Webex Meetings account

Faculty account with CampusKnot


  • 1.Click on the Planner tab on the left hand navigation bar.
  • 2.In the right dialog box, click on Webex Meetings.
  • 3.In the pop up dialog box, enter your Cisco Webex Meetings credentials and click Sign In again.
  • 4.You will be redirected to CampusKnot and you should now be able to schedule or start meetings.


  • 1.To disconnect the integration, navigate to the Planner tab on the left hand navigation bar.
  • 2.On the top right corner, click on the Disconnect button.
  • 3.In the pop up dialog box, click Yes.
  • 4.Your Cisco Webex Meetings account should now be disconnected from CampusKnot.

Using the Cisco Webex Meetings Integration

Schedule meeting

To schedule a meeting:

  • 1.Once you're in the Meeting feature, click on the blue Schedule meeting button.
  • 2.Then, enter a name for the meeting in the 'Meeting topic'.
  • 3.Next, pick a date, time, and timezone for the scheduled meeting.
  • 4.Invite a Group or an Individual in the 'Invite User' dropdown.
  • 5.Finally, click on the blue Schedule button.
  • 6.You should now be able to view the scheduled meeting under the 'Upcoming meetings' tab.
  • 7.Click the Start Meeting button under the scheduled meeting card to open Webex Meetings and start the meeting.
  • 8.You can also start the meeting using the Webex Meeting link inside the Planner feature.

Access Cloud Recordings inside CampusKnot

To access your cloud recordings within CampusKnot:

  • 1.Once you're in the Meeting feature, either click on Start Meeting on a scheduled meeting card or click on the blue Schedule Meeting button on the top right.
  • 2.Next, once the Webex meeting has started, navigate to the Record button on the bottom bar of your Webex Meetings window and click on the Record button.
  • 3.You will see a new bar that says 'Recording' while your meeting is being recorded.
  • 4.Once you're ready, click on the Stop button and then end the meeting.
  • 5.Navigate back to CampusKnot and refresh the page. You will now see your recording on the right under 'Recordings'.
  • 6.Wait for the recording to be ready (you will receive an email from Webex Meetings once it is), and then click on the recording you would like to access.
  • 7.A new tab will open up within your browser and you should now be able to view the recording.


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