Campusknot is a modern tool for educators that helps increase engagement in classrooms. It brings together features like live polling, attendance tracking, course groups, integrated planners, gradebooks and much more to create a better experience for educators and students alike.

Campusknot can be accessed via a web browser or our hassle-free mobile app. Signing up as an instructor is free, always.

The nature of information dispersal has changed with the advent of technology. Classrooms are increasingly connected digitally and with the right tools, educators can fully customize and design the classroom experience that best fits their teaching style.

Campusknot acts as a powerful supplement to course material by bridging the gap between information dispersal (lecture notes, presentations etc.) and student engagement by allowing educators to test retention, reinforce concepts and facilitate collaboration. How does Campusknot do this?

Attendance:Campusknot makes taking attendance easy and effective. Students simply submit the code that the educator generates and attendance is logged in an easy-to-view format for both educators and students.

Polls: Polls are highly flexible and allow educators to test students with open-ended or multiple choice questions. They can be set to publish at any time with a timer for controlling duration. To sum it up, ask anything, anytime and for however long you want!

Groups: Groups allow members to connect, collaborate and share with a discussion board that connects all of Campusknot’s other features to create a seamless experience.

Courses: Courses allow educators to organize their classrooms by sections. Courses include a feed that acts a hub for posting updates, sharing links, posting polls, asking questions and upload documents.

Planner: Campusknot’s Planner is a smart calendar that syncs across the platform (even your personal Google calendar) and allows you to create events that are organized by Courses/Groups you’re a part of.

Documents: Campusknot allows you to share documents on the go. Documents can be shared with individuals, groups and courses!

Gradebook: Campusknot’s Gradebook compiles grades from polls and quizzes and helps you keep track of performance.

Quizzes: Quizzes can be designed to the educator’s specifications and are highly flexible.

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